Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ouchy Day

Even though it was a holiday in the US, I still got a lot of calls at work. Most of them locked out of the hotel because they went home late from watching the fireworks LOL

Anyways, it was just a regular day at work. Fortunately, we didn't get much calls anymore going into the last two hours of my shift. But late in to the day, I had this terrible headache and I was nauseated and I felt like I was about to collapse any minute :(

I don't know if it was brought about by my astigmatism or because I skipped lunch and I was very hungry, or lastly, I might have migraine. I searched online for its symptoms but I can't tell if it is indeed migraine. It was very painful and I had to lie down for about 10mins. I didn't take any medicine because we didn't have a pain killer anymore. I'll just sleep it out and hopefull I'll feel better tomorrow :)

Til next post.


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