Sunday, July 13, 2008

No-Bake Coffee Oreo Cake

My shift at work starts in about 30mins but of course I have to update my blog first before I get caught up with calls later. :)

I was looking at pictures of my baking and cooking adventures when I saw this one. I remember I made it for New Year's eve last year. It's called No-Bake Coffee-Oreo cake and as the name implied, it's no-bake and easy to do. I got the recipe from one of the forums I frequent and needless to say, my family enjoyed this. I put this in the freezer so when it was served, it had an ice cream consistency. Very much like eating cookies and cream. It was a big hit to the kids especially. Good thing it was not too sweet so even the elder family members enjoyed it too.


I will definitely make another one very soon. It's a nice treat to beat the summer season.


erwinquita said...

recipe please! did you use lady fingers here?
thanks for the visit in my blog the other day!

Jona said...

hi rona that's me...i forgot to sign in so i accidentally used hubby's account.
have a great day!

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