Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Contest Winner again!

I love joining online contests. Some might say I'm addicted to it. Well, who wouldn't be. In just a few clicks, likes, and shares here and there, you might just be a winner. it doesn't even matter if the prize is big or not.

I got a pleasant surprise when I checked my email recently and found out that I won P500 worth of Gift Certificate from Cudsly! I replied to the email, said my thanks and off I went to check their website again!

There are lots of great items to choose from and what's nice is that you get free shipping for orders worth P500 and above. If you sign up on the website, you get 20% off on your next purchase. Of course I signed up and I'm hoping to get the discount soon.

It was hard to choose the items because there's a lot of great items for kids of all ages. Finally, I decided to purchase 2 Happy Puffs and Suave 3-in-1 shampoo. I just paid the excess amount and chose Cash on Delivery (COD). Shipping was fast too as I think it was less than 3 days before I received my order.

My 10-month old baby enjoyed his Happy Puffs and even my two older kids couldn't resist but take a handful too. They also love the Apple scent of the shampoo.

I'll be sure to check their website again as they carry a lot of items that are not readily available in our local supermarkets or department stores. Thanks again, Cudsly!

You can find them on:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Cudsly
Twitter: @Cudsly
Instagram: @Cudsly

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