Sunday, July 20, 2008


I learned about Getzmo from Girltalk and I got curious because people there were raving about this website where they won freebies. So of course, it was music to my ears so I visited the site right away.

It has like a calendar of events here like concerts and movies and best of all, they do give away tickets for free. I joined all the contests that I found and basically, you just need answer questions and then include your contact information along.

I was hoping to win the Lifehouse concert tickets so that my hubby and I can go, or the Cinderella tickets starring Lea Salonga will be a great prize too. Actually, no matter which contest I win, it's fine with me as long as I win :D

Maybe a week or two after joining, I received a text message saying that I won and gave me directions on how to claim my tickets. It was for the Cinemalaya festival which is on its third year. I was so happy and quickly browsed for the movie I prefer to watch. There was this entry entitled "My Fake American Accent" and I knew right away that it's a movie devoted to call center agents. I can so relate. Anyway, we were planning to watch it today but because I have work and it also rained, we decided to give the tickets to my brother-in-law. I'm sure he will enjoy it. I won two tickets each for two movies. It will be like a movie marathon for him. And, he's also a supporter of indie films so I know the tickets will be put to good use.

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