Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pay day Tuesday

Wonderful morning to everyone!

For breakfast today, I had french toast with coffee. When hubby and Jeremy wake up, they'll have french toast too but with sausage. I'm sure they'll love it.

2hrs to go before my shift ends and I am hoping to get some much needed rest. And then in the afternoon, maybe I could squeeze in some hip hop abs for 30mins LOL! I badly need to lose some weight. I don't want to resort anymore to crash dieting or taking diet pills. This time, I want to eat just right with exercise on the side. Sounds good :)

Enjoy the rest of the day!

P.S. Woot! Thank God, it's Pay day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's already Thursday here in my side of the world, so I'll be the first to greet our friends in the US a Happy Thanksgiving day!

This occasion is not celebrated much here because we focus on Christmas. But today, I would like to take the opportunity to thank God and everyone who has helped me one way or another.

Today, I am thankful...

...that I have my family. For the gift of having kids and a hubby who loves me unconditionally :)

...for my health. I know I have gained a lot of weight recently but that only means there is food on the table and nowadays, that's a lot to be thankful for :) But yeah, diet to follow LOL!

...for my family's health. Amen.

...that I have a job that I love. Almost 5 years now and I still feel enthusiastic reporting for work. Maybe it helps that I work from home hehehe!

...for my friends, who I admit, I don't have much anymore like before. I am thankful, though, that I got the real ones who stuck with me :) You know who you are *wink*

...for the problems as I know, those are meant to teach me a lesson or two. I am teaching myself not to worry so much over things I don't have control of. I know how difficult the situation might be but there's always an end to it. God will help lead the way :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanks Nuffnang and J&J!

Finally received my gift package from Johnson & Johnson this morning! Thanks a lot for the wonderful gift, and of course, Nuffnang, for the opportunity. More to come!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping and Pacman

40 days to go til Christmas!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I did and almost done too. Hubby and I took advantage of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's fight against Antonio Margarito yesterday and drove to Divisoria, bargain paradise, late afternoon. You know, whenever Pacman has a fight, people just stay at home glued in their seats to watch the bout. Even the crime rate is low. So what better time than yesterday for some shopping. Teehee!

True enough, we were in Divi in just 20mins. I enjoyed a lot as there were not much people and I was comfy too as I was wearing my fitflop. It was put to the test. I can say it lived up to its promise of bringing comfort and exercise at the same time while walking. We just bought some gift items and stuff for myself too. We left after just 3 hours because I was with hubby but if only I was with a friend, I don't think I would've left that early hehehe!

I hope to return before the month ends and finish my shopping. I'm sure the place will be soo packed come December. Besides, Jeremy's 4th bday is fast approaching and I have some planning to do next month :)

Jeremy's Birthday

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