Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Monday!

Good day everyone!

It's Monday once again and the start of a new week. For most out there, today is the start of their work week. But for me, this is just the beginning of my "vacation" as it's my restday until Wednesday :)

Anyway, I headed today to SM to pay for the bag I bought on ebay. Pom and Jeremy tagged along and then we just bought milk and ham and chicken and then we were off to home. We were supposed to go to LTO to have our car-oo registered but it was already lunch time so maybe Pom will go there later this afternoon.

Sigh I'm bored. I wanted to hang out at the mall earlier but then, we have no extra money :( I will just feel more pathethic if I go window shopping hahaha! Maybe I'll just go on a One Tree Hill marathon later with matching chips and coke :D

I'll sign off for now. Take care everyone!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello World!

Hello everyone! This is my new home in this fascinating online world. I will still be updating my old blog but expect more news from here as I will be updating this often.

Catch y'all later!


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