Thursday, October 30, 2008

Now Showing: High School Musical 3

I finally got the chance to watch the latest (and last) installment of the High Musical franchise and what can I say? It rocked big time! :D


I loved the choreography, the songs and it's good that all of the main cast got to sing their last hurrah!

The story is set to the senior year of the Wildcats with the championship game opening the movie. Of course, Wildcats won and then they prepare for their prom with the theme, Last Waltz. The Drama Club then enlists the whole class for their play aptly entitled The Senior Year. They get to play themselves as the characters of the elaborate spring musical. Each character reflects their fears and hopes for the future.

Kelsey is in-charge of music while Ryan does the choreography. To make things more exciting, representatives from the Juilliard School will be in attendance and Kelsey, Ryan, Sharpay and Troy will be observed as they are being considered for admission. Sweet!

Gabriella, on the other hand, has been accepted to Stanford University and she is in a dilemma because she doesn't want to leave Albuquerque just yet. She wants to slow down and is torn big time. So is Troy because he wants the best for Gabriella but at the same time wants to be with her. He's also confused with what he would like to do in the future.

There's also a new girl in school who applied as an assistant to Sharpay. She seemed nice but later in the end her true colors were revealed as she just wanted to take over Sharpay's role in the Drama Club.

While watching the film, I can't help but get teary-eyed as I wax nostalgic about my own senior year in high school. It was so fun and I remembered prom night too and graduation where my friends and I cried while singing the graduation song. Ah, that was one of the best years of my life!

This is a must-see movie and the thought that I won't be seeing them all again makes me sad so I'm hoping this won't be the last of the series LOL

I hope you find the time to watch it too and let me know what you think *wink*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

New skinny

So, what can you say about my new template? Is it cute or what? LOL

I was browsing earlier for new templates as my old one looked so plain. Luckily, I stumbled upon this one and it's just too cute, at least for me.

I've yet to update my blog roll and too bad I forgot to save the links before I changed my template :( I was hoping it would still be on my message board but then, it only saved the first page. I hope you get back to me and give me your links again so that I can add it.


OOOPSS...I checked again and guess what, the other messages are still available! LOL No need to give me the links again, my bad :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mood: Happy

That's what I'm feeling at the moment, actually it started last night when I checked my online EON account and what do I know, my funds from Paypal were already transferred! Woot! It only took two business day. I've had the funds back in July or was it August but my EON debit card was only processed this October. Finally I'll get to withdraw my earnings from blogging! How sweet is that?!

It will really be a great help since payday is still next week. At least we'll have a little to spare. We're still reeling from the effects of my hospitalization almost 2wks ago so yeah, I'm just so thankful :)

Good day everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just Checking In...

Hi everyone!

I was hoping to post a longer entry but unfortunately, I closed my laptop without saving it LOL Too bad blogger wasn't able to save it in my drafts automatically.

Oh well. I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow :)

Weee! It's weekend again. Time flies when you're having fun. I can't wait for my rest day.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Health is Wealth

Yeah, I know it's cliche but really I got to appreciate my health more when I got hospitalized last week for Amoebiasis. It was a nightmare I wouldn't want to go through again not to mention very scary because I'm also 15wks pregnant. Imagine my horror when the OB-Gyne said she couldn't find my baby's heartbeat! I swear I could've died at that instant but good thing I didn't (LOL) because when we went to the ER, the nurses there patiently located my baby and we heard the heartbeat at last! Turned out the doctor was just not the most patient person at all and for sure I wouldn't be returning to her for a check-up.

That was also the second time for me to be hospitalized the first one when I gave birth. I'm not so afraid of doctors and needles anymore maybe because I know what needs to be done will be done, whether I like it or not. Important thing is I get well in the end and get to go home to my family again. I missed them so much! I missed sleeping in our small bed, I missed the smile and laughter of my son, and I could go on and on but it will never be enough to describe how happy I was when I was finally discharged from the hospital. I got a good night's sleep, the best since my stay at the hospital.

I stayed at the OB ward and there were a lot of women checking in and out who have just given birth. I remembered my experience too and from the looks of it, I can say it's really different strokes for different folks. Some of them were already up and moving just hours after giving birth while some can barely move. I think it's all in the mind and will power. I am not the most courageous person out there but when it was my turn, just hours after delivering normally, I mustered enough courage to walk outside my room to visit my baby who was at the incubator then. The other patients were surprised because maybe they didn't expect it from me. In my case, my motivation was to finally see my baby and and it was more than enough to make me stronger and withstand the pain.

Right now, I am still recovering but definitely I learned my lesson albeit the hard way, expensive and painful way. I even wanted to chastise myself for my carelessness but then, it already happened and I could never bring it back. I'll just go on living but this time, mindful that whatever happens to me, happens to my baby too. And that I would never allow anything bad to happen to my precious one.

Thanks to my family who took care of me and stayed with me at the hospital, my friends who sent me their wishes for a fast recovery, to my hubby of course for never leaving my side (well, technically he left at night to go home because it's only Pinchy and his nanny at home but you get the gist :D), to the nurses who were very patient in checking my baby's heartbeat every now and then to make sure his heartbeat returned to normal, and also for never failing to give me my medicine and for checking on me, to the doctors too, and of course, to our Almighty God for giving me the stregth as I went through everything. Truly, He never gives us something we couldn't bear for He will always be by our side making sure we make it through til the end. Amen.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Road Trip style, that is :)

Last night, Pom said he wanted to have dinner at Hap Chan, a restaurant he really likes. So after my shift, I just rested for a few minutes and then took a bath. It was already 9pm when we hit the road and of course, we brought Jeremy along. His nanny took the day off so it was just the three of us.

My son loves to ride in the car and just go for a short drive. He was so observant of the things around him and was quiet the whole time.

When we arrived at the resto, there was a cute little girl he can't seem to take his eyes away from LOL He so wanted to play with her that he was trying to get out of the door as the little girl's family were about to go home. I know my baby loves kids so I'm sure he'll be more excited when he meets his baby sis or bro. :)

We just had a quick dinner as we were the last customers. Delish food as usual and our bill was just almost 600php. Not bad for a filling meal.

Finally, we're all full and Pom didn't want to go home yet so we just drove. From Congressional Ave., we went to Quezon Ave, then off to Blumentritt. We then drove to Manila Bay and checked out Star City. We might go there one day to try it out. After that, we went straight to Makati and while there, we decided to pay a quick visit to a dear friend as we don't always go there. Good thing Mari was still up when we arrived and just had a little chit chat :D She hasn't seen Jeremy, her godson, eversince his christening last year. It was good to see you, Mari! Til next time!

After that, we drove to Bonifacio High Street then to Pasig and finally to Katipunan. It was such a breeze to drive at night as there were not much vehicles on the road. Next destination was Fairview and by this time, Jeremy was already asleep. Just a few minutes more and we were on our way home. We arrived at exactly 12mn.

It was a nice experience for us. For only 300php of gas, we were able to go around the metro. Good thing gas prices went down so our gas money came a long way. And of course, thanks to our trusted car-oo. It's an old model, all right but it still delivers for us :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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