Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been busy these past weeks and proof of that is, I haven't been posting on my blog and I didn't get opportunities that I have been invited to bid on. Oh well, I guess I just took the time to play with the kids after my shift at work. And to get some precious hours of sleep, of course.

After months of super hot and humid weather, it finally rained last night. It wasn't very hard but it sure helped improve the temperature. It wasn't so hot while I was sleeping and I even managed to crawl under the blanket. Wow, that's something new! Because of the summer season here, allergies made it difficult for us. Us, being myself, Jeremy and Jamie. Yep, too bad they inherited it from me. We'd get dry cough and colds although after numerous check-ups, our lungs were clear and our cough were only caused by allergies. It turned out we're allergic to dust, smoke, heat and what have yous. Not to mention, I found out during a routine x-ray that I now have dextroscoliosis. Good thing it is nothing serious and will just have to undergo xray every year. My hubby jokes around and say why do I get ailments that are for the rich people LOL! I don't know the answer to that either :P

Anyway, just 1 more day to go and then I'm free for the weekend. We have one more summer outing on Sunday at Caliraya Resort and I'm sure this will be lots of fun. I'll spend some quality time with colleagues at work. This will be my 3rd summer outing this year and if the rainy season doesn't start yet on May, we'll arrange for our family's last summer hurrah this year. Otherwise, the rain is a welcome change too. I just hope it wouldn't be typhoons like those from last year.

For the meantime, just 1 hour and a half and I'm off to bed. Happy Friday again peeps!

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