Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Budget Tips

I was listing the things we needed to buy yesterday because we have to stock food again. I do the budget good for 5 days so everything we need within that period, we buy it so as not to run to the market every now and then.

I find this helpful because we only buy the things that we need and to not go over the budget. It saves time if we are armed with a list so that we don’t wander in the supermarket, which in turn causes impulse buys. Sometimes this involves things that are not really needed and then the important things are forgotten. This happens to me most of the time so I don’t forget to bring my list anymore.

Also, if possible, I prepare the menu for 5 days. By doing this, I have a clear picture of the ingredients I need to buy for a meal. I ask my hubby which dishes he prefers but of course, I’ll have to approve it too LOL!

These are just some tips. I’ll think of other budgeting guides I can share :)


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