Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diet and stuff

I went to the bank today to pay for the crocs athens model I bought. I hope it fits me well because if not, I'll give it to my mom. I'm so excited!

Before hubby and I went home, we stopped by my parents's small eatery and had lunch there. When I go there, I don't really eat much because of my diet but it turned out that I had to finish my hubby's food as he was already full. So the diet mode just flew out of the window LOL

I went to the grocery to buy Jeremy's baby wash and some stuff. It's so difficult to budget money sometimes because the prices just go higher and higher. Sigh. Life is really difficult now and I'm seriously pondering on what will happen in the years to come.

Since it's my restday, I had the chance to play with my son. He's growing up fast and I think he lost a few lbs as he is not so heavy as before. Others didn't really notice it but of course, I know. I'm his mom and it's easier now for me to carry him :) He doesn't talk clearly yet but he can in a language of his own and it's funny hearing him. If I can't seem to understand what he wants, he points to it sometimes. He's just so adorable :)

I just cooked tinola (chicken stew) for dinner but as I was so full when I ate lunch earlier, I just had the clear soup and some chayote and a bite of chicken. That is my attempt at dieting LOL

Before I headed upstairs, I felt kind of hungry so I ate two pcs. of bread with butter and a glass of iced tea. So I think it was not a diet at all :D Well, as they say it's best to take "baby steps."


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