Friday, February 27, 2009

The Teenager Audio Test

A friend sent this funny test via email and I tried it. The sound is supposed to be heard by those under 25. And I heard it! LOL!

Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

You might want to try it yourself *wink*

Mommy Moments: Bonding Time

mommy moments

I am a stay-at-home mom and good thing I found a great job that allows me to work at home. However, even if this is the case, I also work full time so while I'm on shift, my son is with his nanny and then I just go down to check on him often.

When it's my day off, we like to go out, just hang out in the mall, do our grocery or just have a quick lunch. It's nice for Jeremy to see other people too LOL! Sometimes we let him play at the Kid's Village so that he can mingle with the other kids.

The pictures below were taken during our visit to the Manila Ocean Park last December. It was our first time there and we all enjoyed the trip. Jeremy looked amazed with all the fishes he saw even those above him. When we were done touring the place, he found a mini-playground and true enough, he enjoyed it more :)

mom and pinchy


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Preggy News

We just arrived home from my check-up and when my OB said I'll be having an IE (Internal Exam) on my next visit, it just dawned on me that yes, I'll be popping in a few weeks' time! OMG! I didn't think it would be that soon. Here comes the butterflies again but mostly, I am excited because I'd finally see my sweet daughter :)

I'll be on my 35th week this Friday and I can give birth as early as my 38th week. The hubby even said it would be nice if I give birth on my birthday too so that we can just have one celebration :D That would be really nice but of course, it will still depend on baby when she's ready to make her entrance into the world.

I'm just on "relax mode" as it gets difficult to move around and also, I've been trying to eat healthy and not too much so that I don't gain much weight going into the last few weeks. I'm aiming for another normal delivery so wish me luck :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mommy Moments: Feeding Time

mommy moments

This is my first time to join this tag which is done every Friday :)

The theme for this week is Feeding time. I have included a picture here of Jeremy when he was about 11mos. old only and he was serious with his bottle while we were strolling at the mall. LOL! Look how long his hair was. We only had it cut when he reached 1 yr. old but prior to that he has been sporting long hair in a ponytail :)

at the mall

The second picture was taken just last Feb. 1 when we attended a Jollibee birthday party. He was so excited to be there and was mingling with the guests. One would think it was his birthday :)

He is soo fond of spaghetti and this one from Jollibee is by far his favorite. And one serving was not enough for him that I had to get another one :D


I am at my happiest when its feeding time and he eats without resistance. LOL! Good thing he eats almost everything but sometimes can be picky when he has eaten something prior to feeding time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Market at the Lung Center of the Phils.

Finally we were able to visit the Sunday Market at the Lung Center of the Philippines. I've read about it from my trusty Yummy magazine a few months ago and has since been itching to catch it one day.

Along with my brother-in-law, my hubby and I drove early this morning to see what the market has to offer. True enough, it was like a haven of fresh produce and seafood. I guess we were awed by what we're seeing that we didn't get to buy any. LOL! We concentrated on food and had our breakfast there. The bibingka (rice cake) was superb and for 45php, it was pretty big and came with muscovado sugar and coconut.

We roamed the market and was able to buy cute rompers for baby girl and new slippers for Jeremy. I also bought a block dress which I found cute but didn't find it to be the same when I fitted it at home hahaha! I don't know yet where to wear it but hopefully I'd figure it out soon.

We only stayed there for about 2 hours but I was soo tired :( I wanted to lie down for a bit when we got home but I still had to prepare our lunch and then go on shift an hour later.

Overall, I liked my experience at the Sunday Market. We are planning to go there again next week and this time, we'll buy veggies and seafood. I heard the Salcedo Market in Makati is also a great place to go to on Sundays. Too bad it is very far from our place so maybe next time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Snack for Jeremy

I am running out of ideas what to feed Jeremy and well, he also gets tired of eating the same food over and over again. Good thing I found some leftover bread that needs to be eaten ASAP.

I've ran out of mayo so he wouldn't like ham sandwich without it. So, I thought of just making french toast for our snack :) We have a bottle of maple syrup in the fridge so that will make it even more yummy.

I just beat one egg and mixed it with 150ml of evaporated milk (don't have full cream milk either) and a teaspoon of sugar. Just mix everything and then dip the bread. I put butter in a nonstick pan and then proceeded to fry the bread for a few minutes. That's it! Simple isn't it?


It's pretty no-fuss and I just made do with the ingredients that I had. True enough, it was something new for Jeremy so he ate it without complains :)

Now if I could think of something else for breakfast tomorrow :)

Jeremy's Birthday

My eldest child, Jeremy, will be celebrating his 11th birthday on December 20 and he already has plans for the day. It will just be a simple...