Sunday, June 8, 2008

Case of the Sniffles

Sniff. Sniff.

I have allergic rhinitis again :( I'm not even sure when this started or if this is the right diagnosis because I haven't consulted a doctor about it but based on the symptoms I've experienced and from those I found online, yes, I can say it is allergic rhinitis.

We went to the cemetery earlier because it's my father-in-law's death anniv and then we proceeded to hear mass. As always, the culprit is the electric fan at the church which is beside me. I didn't get the chance to change places because mass already started and the church was full so I just carried on. But halfway through the mass, I felt like sneezing but I was able to hold it back. I even had a decent dinner at Tita Angel's house. But when we were on our way to the car, that's when I let out a big sneeze. And then another. One more came. I counted them all and there were 6 successive sneezes LOL! I was sniffing all the way home and my eyes were red and puffy, my nose itchy and runny and my head ached and I too had cough. Whew! What a nightmare! And not to mention that I still have a shift an hour later so I have no time to catch some zzzz's.

While I'm typing this entry, I'm still sneezing. It's quite a hassle but then it feels good to sneeze too. I will have to pop some med later to alleviate the sniffles and for me to get some rest too.

I got to go and get me some more tissue :D


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