Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had my APE (Annual Physical Examination) yesterday as requested by Fortune Care, our health card provider. I've never been a fan of this but I had no choice as it was required of us to undergo one.

Anyways, I went there alone as my hubby was scheduled for an exam in the company he applied for. I went to the office first to get the gift that Jean has given me back in Dec LOL It was only yesterday I had the time to pick it up. Len, our boss, just came back from abroad and good thing she was there too so I had chocolates and cookies to bring home.

After this, I went to Fortune Care's office to complete the check-up. My BP was normal and I think my physical check-up went fine too. I then had my xray and then straight to the lab for CBC. I don't like needles and even if I already gave birth via normal delivery without epidural, I still don't like them needles. The MedTech was chatting me up and I looked away and then she pricked my finger. It stung a bit but surprisingly, I didn't react. So I conclude I'm not afraid of it anymore as before.

When I have completed all the tests, I decided to just walk to the building where my hubby is still finishing his exam. It was a short distance anyway and after finding out my weight I got all pumped up to lose weight. Not until the evening where I happily munched on Lapid's chicharon. So maybe I'll start next time *wink*

Good day everyone!


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