Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chicken Cordon Bleu

When I got married, I only knew how to fry food. Or boil. Or just use the can opener and open a standby canned food.

Well, I knew how to cook but I prefer not to unless I have absolutely no other choice LOL With that, we relied on household help to cook our food or hubby cooks when he had time. But as it is, there came a time when I realized that I had to step up and do the cooking too.

I browsed online for recipes and also bought Yummy mags which inspired me a lot to try my hand at cooking again. I preferred those that have been tried and tested and easy to do.

I cooked Chicken Cordon Bleu back in January of this year and it's a good thing I was able to snap a pic of it. I followed the recipe from Yummy mag. If anyone out there would like to try it too, just inform me and I'll gladly share the recipe :)


I'll post the pics of the other recipes I've tried next time.

Take care everyone!


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