Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pinchy and the Muffins

DSC02014I used to think that baking is difficult and that I would rather buy and eat bread, cakes, cookies, etc. rather than bake them myself. It looked a laborious thing to do and you have to be exact in all measurements.
But then, I tried my hand at baking just October of last year. I started with brownies, cookies and then I summoned all courage to tackle on baking a chocolate cake. It turned out pretty well :) After that, I gave away oatmeal choco chips and macaroons to the guests who partied with us during Pinchy's 1st bday. Ever since, I would bake on a whim. I'd wake up early to bake banana bread and then I also made churros con chocolate :D Now that I think about it, I have baked a lot during these past months.
Now that Pinchy is almost 1yr and a half, he likes to munch on my bakies. He eats cookies and muffins. Just last May 24, I baked oreo muffins and he liked it a lot! I even baked miniature ones for him LOL
Today, my hubby has been bugging me to bake biscuits and he said he'd put gravy. I'm going to check my baking supplies and we'll see if I can bake those today :) But I'm thinking of baking brownies and then eating them ala mode. Yummy!

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