Monday, June 9, 2008

Restday again!

Happy Monday!

I'm thankful that I don't feel bad as I did yesterday. I just took 1 tablet and voila! I'm almost cured :) Well, almost because even if I am not sneezing as hell anymore, I still can't smell anything and I can't even taste food but even so, I ate a lot. Never mind the taste LOL

Today is my rest day so as usual I took the opportunity to catch up on household chores as we don't have a helper anymore. She left more than a week ago with the promise to return but I kind of got the idea that she won't come back because she brought all of her things with her and she only got her remaining salary and didn't ask for a cash advance which was her habit LOL

It's just the three of us again at home and we like it. I'm in no rush to find another nanny for Pinchy. I'm savoring every day that I get to spend with him and attend to his needs. He grows up fast and sometimes I think when did it happen? He's a big boy now and loves to climb chairs, run tirelessly, watch Barney etc. But one thing that reminds me that he'll always be my little baby is when he goes to me and gestures to carry him. I'm not sure of his weight anymore but back in March, he was already 17kgs. My back will ache and my arms will be sore from all the carrying but I can't deny him his simple pleasure. He just loves it when Mom carries him and sings him to sleep :)

Good night everyone!


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