Friday, June 6, 2008

Biscuits, anyone?

The hubby really bugged me yesterday to bake biscuits and with matching white gravy to boot. Anyways, he said it's going to be his dinner and he volunteered to buy flour and milk since I was running low on my baking supplies. So of course, I agreed.

I have been copying recipes from Nicole's blog and all of the recipes I've tried are delicious and easy to follow. I guess I can search online for other recipes but I'd like to follow those that have been tried and tested :)

I've never baked biscuits before and don't even know how they taste like LOL I'm used to the thin biscuits that I see for sale not this one which is kind of thick and flaky and tastes great with white gravy.

Buttermilk is one of the ingredients and I don't know where to buy this so I looked for a substitute and it seemed pretty easy. 1 cup of buttermilk is equivalent to 1 cup milk and 1tbsp vinegar. Wow, that was easy so I guess I can do recipes now that call for buttermilk :)

My first batch of biscuits was thin and small because I don't have a flat counter to work on to flatten and knead the dough. But even so, the smell emanating from the oven was oh so good. I didn't think it would smell that good knowing that there's not much butter and no sugar in the recipe but I guess the buttermilk did wonders :)


The second batch looked fine and at this point, even if it does not look like the biscuits I saw online, it still tasted good and proof is the hubby eating one and more when I'm not looking LOL

I then prepared the white gravy using the recipe I found online and added sausage because that's the way the hubby liked it. I was not really sold on the idea but after tasting it, it worked great with the biscuits. They complemented each other very well and true enough, it was already dinner for the hubby. I think he ate 12 in all and ate 6 more for breakfast this morning :)

Next time I bake these, I'll make sure to make a thicker dough. I'm thinking of what to try next maybe another type of quickbread :)


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sn0w_princess said...

wow, mare! ang galing mo naman mag-bake! your baby and hubby must have loved those biscuits! yummy! turuan mo nga ako! hehehe.

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