Sunday, June 1, 2008

A long, tiring day

I was so busy the whole day. I worked last night from 9pm til 3am this morning then I just caught some zzzz's for almost 4hrs and then Pinchy woke up then I had to feed him, bathe him, cook food for breakfast, then wash the dishes, then took a bath and then got ready for work again at 11am. Wow just reading my post made me tired LOL :)

Well, it didn't stop there. Once I went on available mode, the calls just came pouring in and I answered call after call after call. It was indeed a tiring day as I didn't only answer calls but I also handled chats and email. I even found it difficult to just go on restroom break or check on my son. I think these endless calls went on for about 5hrs and then there was none. Like I was just sitting there and 10mins passed without a single call. It was my first time to work on that shift after being trained for another account so it was a like a baptism of sorts. And then a colleague told me that that's the routine of calls during weekends. And I was like, "Oh ok." I suddenly found quiet time again and it was pretty much like that when my shift ended 2hrs later. Come to think of it, I didn't notice how time went by so quickly when I was busy and then it was time to log out.

I logged out at 6pm and went down the kitchen to see hubby puttering about and busy preparing dinner. Pinchy of course is busy as well playing with his toys. As I sat down the sofa, I just realized how tired I was. My hands felt numb and my back ached with all the sitting but I felt complete. I just thought I haven't felt that in a long time so maybe it just means that I'm doing my job and that I've helped the other team in a way :)

Right now I am soo sleepy and will finally doze off after I finish this post. Our bed is so inviting and I will graciously give in to the temptation :D

I'll be back tomorrow as I have a few things to share and with pictures to boot.

Good night everyone!


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