Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Pinchy had his third haircut today and he's still not used to the sound of the clipper and razor which was used by the barber. However, the whole cutting session only took 15mins, shorter than the time we spent back in March.

After that, we went to my parent's house and spent the rest of the day there. Mom cooked spaghetti which is Pinchy's fave and he ate a lot LOL

I'd like to take Pinchy there at least once a week so that he can meet other kids to work on his social skills. He's a happy baby but when unfamiliar faces greet him, he'd really cry. I can't even get others to carry him because he doesn't like it. But now, I can say that he's really improved on that area as he smiles a lot now and would even let others carry him :)

We went home late and good thing we had dinner at my parents's so we all just freshened up and prepared for bed.

Good night!


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