Friday, June 12, 2009

Mommy Moments: Outdoor Fun

We don't go out most of the time but when we do, Jeremy is always beside himself with excitement. Just last May, we went to La Mesa Ecopark and he played in the playground. He busied himself with the slides and running around the place. His Tito Bong, my brother, played with him and they had so much fun.


Just look at his face when I told him that we were about to leave LOL! He kept running back to the slides because he didn't to go yet.


And here's Jamie, sleeping as usual :)


And finally, she woke up to say hi to everyone!


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Chris said...

i havent been to this place yet.. someday, we just have to visit!

i have already seen 2 entries today in this place.

momgen said...

wow they are cute...Happy weekend and mommy moments...

Mine is here

Gin E said...

Been thinking of taking my kids to Ecopark...maybe when my baby boys a bit older so both my babies can enjoy it...

Nobe said...

cute ng baby ko. hehe. i have a son, and grabe ang hyper activity. its so nice being mom.


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