Sunday, June 7, 2009

Difficult Times

It's been two weeks since Jeremy's nanny left and she's not coming back. There were applicants but really, they were all demanding. The first one wanted to leave every night so that she can be with her kids. Okay. That's out of the question. She is supposed to take care of Jeremy's needs at night (he still drinks milk when he wakes up in the middle of the night) because I take care of Jamie who's turning 3mos. old this month. So I turned her down. The other applicant wanted to work as an all-around helper and for my mother to take care of Jeremy. LOL! Well, my concern really is for someone to look after Jeremy. We can do the chores. I can do the laundry during my day off from work. Again, I declined.

There were a few more applicants but all did not come up to par. Being a Recruitment Officer at work, I've learned to read deeper to the applicant's answers. Too bad I sensed the hesitance on the applicants's part and for me, that's a sign that they are not too keen on the job.

Anyway, it has not been easy these past two weeks. My youngest brother looks after Jeremy while I work while my mom takes care of Jamie until my husband arrives from the office. I only get to sleep well during weekends and the other days, coffee and multivitamins help me get through :)

I don't know if we'll find the right nanny for Jeremy but definitely, I won't be settling for just anybody because we know how great an influence they could be to our kids. For the meantime, our set-up at home still works. It just gets better when everybody steps in to help one way or another :)

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