Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

I was checking my blog the other day and got the surprise of my life when I saw that I have a follower! Oh yes! I didn't know what it was at first LOL! It's like I was living under a rock :) But yes, it just dawned on me what it was when I read it. So, that's the thingamajig that I see in other bloggers site. Interesting. What made me appreciate it more was that it was totally unexpected :) Thanks, Elaine!

By the way, the three of us (hubby, Jeremy and I) went to SM Fairview yesterday to buy food and also to bond with Jeremy. I wanted to spend time with my son so that he'll know and feel that we love him even if he already has a baby sister. We had lunch at KFC and he ate his favorite spaghetti and then we headed over to the newly-opened Timezone at the Annex. Jeremy played some games and then it was time for us to go home. Too bad it was raining so hard. Maybe it was because of the weather or he's just plain sleepy, but Jeremy didn't want to walk! I can barely carry him. Imagine a petite mom like me carrying a 17-kg big baby LOL! Oh well, it was just a short distance to where Daddy was waiting for us so I obliged. I guess he just missed it because I didn't do much carrying when I was pregnant.

We went home and Jamie was fast asleep. I intend to do this more often. Spend time with Jeremy and definitely when Jamie is a bit older, we can bring her along too. That would be too fun :)


Chris said...

now that you have 2 kids, it becomes even more challenging for us mommies to spend equal quality time with both kids, di ba?

anyway, i have something for you at

Beth said...

lam mo, ang sarap talga ksama kids sa malls di ba? lalo na when we see them eat their fave food like chicken! just looking at them nakakabusog at nakakawala ng pagod. sayang di kasama si bunso!

visiting you here Rona! ingat lagi and kisses to the two Js!

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