Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy Moments: Daddy Moment

mommy moments

This week we give way to the Daddies in the house :)

Jeremy and his Daddy are very close. My hubby vividly recalls how our son used to sleep in his chest when he was a few months old and that he would put Jeremy in a makeshift sling while he's on shift (and I am trying to get some sleep). Too bad I can't find these pictures.

Now that Jeremy is older, they have fun doing activities together like playing in the arcade. In the picture below, his Daddy helps him in the game by pushing on the pedal while he drives. It's so touching to see my boys just having fun and bonding.


Whenever we have occasions to attend to, we see to it that all of us go. Like the recent kid's party where Jeremy was invited. His daddy was there to guide him and even watched him while he was playing games.

Dadi and Jeremy

I'm looking forward to the time when we can bring Jamie along to such activities. I'm sure it will be so fun. We savor these moments when we can all have fun and we make sure to squeeze some R&R no matter how busy we are.

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Hazel said...

my kiddo and his dad also have a shot very similar to your arcade pic. boys you know :) happy mommy moments!

Beth said...

my son always wanted to sleep in his Dad's chest too! :)

sana mkita ko na din Jamie's bonding moments with Dad and you, no? :)

pehpot said...

I loke teh arcade pic, ganyan din hubby ko and the kids, he would help them play kase di nila abot ung pedal :)

Here's my daddy moments:)

Make or Break

Jes said...

aw this is what i am talking about eheheh when our boyr grow up ito magiging gawa ng mag ama ahaha =) archade|!!!! here's mine -

bluedreamer27 said...

hello just dropping by here
have a great day and happy blogging

pehpot said...

naku mas maingay pa rin ako sa knailang lahat pag nog monster mom na ako LOL

Make or Break

Chris said...

yes. very touching to know that daddy and jeremy are very close :D

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