Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yesterday, the kids and I bonded over lunch at Jollibee, their favorite. We were joined by their grandma (my mom), Aileen, my niece, and Russell and May. It was good timing too that we were there because the Jollibee mascot was in attendance for a party. My kids were jumping with joy when they saw Jollibee but they didn't like it when we went near the mascot LOL!

My kids are easy to please. They are excited whenever we go out and go to SM and they will immediately request for Jollibee. We just had lunch and I was able to buy shirts for Jeremy as it was on sale, buy 1 take 1 :) I also did my grocery and I was feeling pretty good even if I came directly from shift and haven't slept yet.

When we got home, there was power outage which affected a lot of areas. And there I was hoping I could get some decent sleep before my shift in the evening. Amidst the hot weather, I managed to sleep for a few minutes and then I was awakened by the news that power has been restored. Woot! I got a few hours of sleep and that works for me. Better than nothing, right? And now I'm almost done with my shift and will sleep again after.

That's how my Saturday went. Simple joys of watching my children laugh and just being happy. And of course, getting quality rest is another :)

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