Friday, March 18, 2011


As promised, I'll give feedback to S&R Members's Treat. However, it's going to be super short and simple as we didn't even get the chance to get inside and experience the sale. LOL! We went there last Wednesday, first day of the sale, around 9:30am. There was heavy traffic going to the Congressional Ave. branch and yes, it was because of the customers who were having difficulties finding parking space. We were going to brave it but to our horror, there was a long, snake-like queue of customers outside waiting for their turn to get inside too! Tsk. That was it. We retreated and maybe will go back today or even tomorrow. Hopefully the turnout of customers wouldn't be the same as the previous days. But then, I'm praying that there will still be good deals left for us. LOL

By the way, TGIF :)

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