Saturday, March 5, 2011

DSL downtime

I haven't been able to blog these past few days because I have no freaking internet connection at home! Grrrr. PLDT had the gall to temporarily restrict my access even though I already paid my bill and there was no previous balance. Now, I have to wait for them to reactivate the account and for the meantime, I have to work at a co-worker's place. Good thing her house is just 15 minutes away so it's not much of a hassle traveling to her place.

I am fervently hoping that my connection gets reactivated at least until Monday so that I can work from home again. Otherwise, I'll bug them again and mind you, it takes at least 20mins before I can get a rep on the line. If I am not lucky, the rep will just hang up and I will have to dial again. Sigh. I am so stressed and honestly, if it's not so difficult to get a DSL connection with another company, I would have transferred. I guess for now, all I can do is patiently wait and hope they keep their promise to give me back my internet access very soon.

Happy weekend!

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