Monday, December 8, 2008

Bitten by the Twilight Saga

I know I'm so like a late bloomer but I only got interested with the movie and book Twilight when I happened to chat about it with a good friend. I think it was just last week. Yeah, so not cool. LOL

Anyway, I started with the first book, Twilight, and I wanted to know if the movie adaptation is worth watching in the cinema. I got hooked after that and don't have plans of looking back :)

I'm not fond of vampire stories but this one caught my fancy especially the dazzling character of Edward Cullen. Seriously, when I was reading it, I definitely decided that I would be a vampire too assuming I'm still single LOL! I love, love their lines and I absolutely adore Edward. I mean, I can totally picture him in my mind and I agree that he's dashing, beautiful, as Bella puts it.

I finally got to watch the movie last Saturday and while it's true that it's short and some important scenes were left out, overall I'm satisfied with the outcome.

The actor who played the role of Edward, Robert Pattinson fit the role to a T that I can't help but swoon :) Kristin Stewart, on the other hand, looked somewhat boyish than what I imagined Bella to be in the book. She's pretty but I thought Bella was more of a delicate and caring person albeit she tries to mask her feelings. Well, I love the rest of the characters. They're perfect for the role. I heard book 2 will start filming in March 2009 and is slated for release on 2010. It's a long way to go but as long as they have another quality film, it'll work for me. I just hope Edward will have lots of exposure because he didn't get a lot in the book hehe!

I'm still finishing book 4 so I got to go for now. Good night!

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Abi said...

Lola, you bit me to deep that I had to buy the book right after you raved about it! HAHAHA

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