Sunday, November 30, 2008

Swept Away

I so love Christopher Cross. I love listening to his songs and my favorite of them all is Swept Away. It's such a sweet song and well it's my theme song for my hubby. LOL! Cheesy, much?

Anyways, I was one of the lucky winners of free concert tickets for Christopher Cross's concert here in Manila back to back with Workshy. I have been raving about Getzmo and I haven't been joining there contests these past few months but good thing I won this time.

It was just last night and til now I still can't forget the experience. There were a lot of people when Workshy opened the show but a lot more came in when Christopher started his performance. He's still got the same voice, it's just like listening to a CD. I loved his hits like Sailing, Arthur's Theme, Never be the same and when he did the acoustic versions of Think of Laura and Swept Away, the crowd were all cheering. Sigh. I wish I recorded it but good thing I found this vid of Swept Away in Youtube:

credits to user cetera06

Swept Away

I never had anything happen so fast
I took one look and I shattered like glass
I guess I let it show 'cause your smile told me you knew
That you're everything I ever wanted at once
There's no holding this heart when it knows what it wants
And I never wanted anything more than to know you

I was swept away
No one in the world but you and I
Gotta find a way to make you feel the way that I do
I was swept away
Without a warning
Like night when the morning begins the day
I was swept away

And so it begins
This journey of love
The summer wind carries us to places all our own
The words of a look
The language of touch
The way that you want me means so much
And I never wanted anything more than to love you

Seeing my tomorrows in your eyes
I was swept away

I hope I wake up soon
I'm a victim of that crazy moon

The very first time you said my name
I knew it would never sound the same
Something about me is changed forever

I could listen to this song over and over again and never get tired of it :)

Thanks again Getzmo for the tickets! Hope to win more in the future!

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