Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tips For A Prosperous New Year

Wow, just 2 days left and we are off to 2009!

We have already done our grocery for food supply that will hopefully last in the next two weeks. They say one shouldn't spend in the first 12 days of January and others say according to feng shui, not to spend on January 1. Well, it's confusing but I think I'll just make sure that we're covered at home so that there are no unnecessary expenses.

I have learned of some things to do in the eve of New Year to have a prosperous year ahead:

* Wear something new. I heard some say that it is best if you wear new underwear or slippers. Good thing I got a new underwear as a gift LOL.

* Get a haircut.

* Prepare 13 kinds of fruits that are round. Hmm that's a challenge because I'm not sure if I can come up with 13 hehe :)

* Open all the lights in the house, windows, doors to welcome good luck.

* Make sure that your wallet is filled with money.

* Have coins in handy or put some in your pocket. It makes for a good noise maker too LOL.

* Give ang pao to your kids. Put money inside then place it under their pillows. I don't know if there's a specific amount but I did something like this before. I put 168php and didn't spend it not until I ran out of cash LOL.

* Serve candies and kakanin (sticky rice, can't remember the english term LOL). Since both are sweet and the latter is sticky, it makes for a close-knit family and according to feng shui, it makes the family stick together. I'm definitely doing this :)

* Don't serve chicken for Media Noche because it means luck will fly maybe because of the chicken wings? Yeah or something like that.

* For those who still have growing to do, jump at midnight! This one I don't really believe based from experience hahaha!

There are still others that were mentioned but some require buying charms and other stuff so you may want to consult feng shui experts for more information. I'll try to do the tips above but of course, these will not guarantee success or even prosperity. We'll still have to do our part and ask for guidance from God.

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