Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Baby Penguin

Last Oct. 31, we headed to our Training Center in Pasig City for the annual Trick or Treat Halloween party. We got there late so I saw some colleagues along with their kids.

It was Jeremy's first time for such fun activity and we even bought him a Penguin costume but then he didn't want to wear it LOL

He's really uneasy when we arrive at an unfamiliar place to him and he cries when people greet him. There is a technique though: just let him wander around, get to know the place and the faces he's seeing and after a few minutes, he'll be smiling :) He just doesn't want to be rushed because he's still warming up and wants to take his sweet time.

Anyways, we were not able to snap a good pic of him at the party because he was fidgeting with the costume. And in 10mins or less, he already puked on it LOL He was eating lasagna and trying to play at the same time so there :D

Good thing we had our dress rehearsal at home so here's one decent pic:

My baby penguin

He's such a cutie. Sorry, just a proud Momma here :)

Maybe next year he'll be more mature so he gets to wear this again LOL

Have a great day!


jhoicexoxo said...

aww he must be shy, :D hehe That's his first tym to wear a costume,right, but he lOoks really cute in his penguin outfit:D adorable!!!!

chamie said...

awww! si little mumble happy feet!

Abi said...

i want to have my baby penguin too. huhu, he's so adorable. hi baby pinchy! :D

Amor said...

Ang cute ni Jeremy sa kanyang baby penguin costume! Parang ang cute lalo kung ang lakad tulad din sa penguin.

Si Sean halos pareho din pala ng baby mo, seryoso at nakasimangot naman yun kapag bagong place at may ibang mga tao. Pero tulad din ng technique nyo, we let him wander around para maging familiar sya sa place at sa mga tao. In no time, makulit na ulit, lumalabas na ang tunay na kulay, haha!

btw, may tag ako sa yo, the usual tag... answer it if you have time. :) thanks!

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