Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Stuff Tag

I got this award from Abi!


Random Things About Me? Read on:

- I absolutely love chicken. For food, that is.
- Bejeweled Addict.
- Harry Potter fanatic.
- Internet freak. I check my email and other stuff as soon as I wake up!
- I love wristlets and cute (read: small) purses
- Mall rat.
- Pack rat.
- I abhor rats especially those big, hairy ones. Eeew!
- I love being a Mom and Wife.
- I procrastinate a lot. See, Abi tagged me last Nov. 9 and it's Nov. 15 now. Tsk.

I'm tagging: Prima

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maxi said...

hello. you still have not added my link in your blogroll. please follow up since i already added your link in my blogroll weeks ago. thanks

please leave me a message after you have added me. thanks