Saturday, November 29, 2008

Barney overload

I posted last week that I bought tickets to the Barney Dino-Mite Birthday Show at SM North. We watched it last Saturday and what can I say, my Pinchy definitely had a blast!

The show ran for about 45mins and it started promptly at 6pm. There were only a few of us who watched on that schedule and there were a looot of empty seats but still voices of kids singing along with Barney filled the theater. When Barney first came out, my son was starstrucked! LOL! He wasn't blinking and maybe he was thinking if that was really the same Barney he watches everyday :)

He wasn't moving but when Barney and friends sang If you're happy, which happens to be his favorite song, he broke into a wide grin and started clapping! It was really great to see him happy and the other kids were all happy too. It's a good thing Barney sang all of his faves so he was up on his feet.

It was my first time to watch a Barney show and I can say that it's worth its ticket price. I was just kind of expecting that the set will be elaborate as well just like in the videos but maybe it was too much :D

I hope Barney comes back for another show in the future and when that time comes, I hope my youngest child will be old enough to appreciate it so that I can bring s/he along with Pinchy :)

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Amor said...

Nakapanood na rin kami kanina sa MOA sis, sobrang excited kami hindi ko napansin nawala ko yung maong jacket ni Sean, huhu... Bumili pa kami ng yellow t-shirt. Noong kakain na kami 30 minutes after the show saka ko lang napansin wala na pala yung jacket. Bumalik ako sa centerstage pero wala daw silang nakita. :(

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