Sunday, October 5, 2008

Road Trip style, that is :)

Last night, Pom said he wanted to have dinner at Hap Chan, a restaurant he really likes. So after my shift, I just rested for a few minutes and then took a bath. It was already 9pm when we hit the road and of course, we brought Jeremy along. His nanny took the day off so it was just the three of us.

My son loves to ride in the car and just go for a short drive. He was so observant of the things around him and was quiet the whole time.

When we arrived at the resto, there was a cute little girl he can't seem to take his eyes away from LOL He so wanted to play with her that he was trying to get out of the door as the little girl's family were about to go home. I know my baby loves kids so I'm sure he'll be more excited when he meets his baby sis or bro. :)

We just had a quick dinner as we were the last customers. Delish food as usual and our bill was just almost 600php. Not bad for a filling meal.

Finally, we're all full and Pom didn't want to go home yet so we just drove. From Congressional Ave., we went to Quezon Ave, then off to Blumentritt. We then drove to Manila Bay and checked out Star City. We might go there one day to try it out. After that, we went straight to Makati and while there, we decided to pay a quick visit to a dear friend as we don't always go there. Good thing Mari was still up when we arrived and just had a little chit chat :D She hasn't seen Jeremy, her godson, eversince his christening last year. It was good to see you, Mari! Til next time!

After that, we drove to Bonifacio High Street then to Pasig and finally to Katipunan. It was such a breeze to drive at night as there were not much vehicles on the road. Next destination was Fairview and by this time, Jeremy was already asleep. Just a few minutes more and we were on our way home. We arrived at exactly 12mn.

It was a nice experience for us. For only 300php of gas, we were able to go around the metro. Good thing gas prices went down so our gas money came a long way. And of course, thanks to our trusted car-oo. It's an old model, all right but it still delivers for us :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


Abi said...

Hmm, sarap naman mare! Hap Chan reminds me of someone. LOL wish I could join your road trip someday :P

evil one said...

hi rona,

nice seeing you and poms and jeremy again after so long! please, let's all get together naman some other time. btw, alam mo ba bakit down na lang palagi ang site ng girltalk? hahahah.

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