Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mood: Happy

That's what I'm feeling at the moment, actually it started last night when I checked my online EON account and what do I know, my funds from Paypal were already transferred! Woot! It only took two business day. I've had the funds back in July or was it August but my EON debit card was only processed this October. Finally I'll get to withdraw my earnings from blogging! How sweet is that?!

It will really be a great help since payday is still next week. At least we'll have a little to spare. We're still reeling from the effects of my hospitalization almost 2wks ago so yeah, I'm just so thankful :)

Good day everyone!


Amor said...

Ako rin may EON pero hindi pa ako nag wiwithraw from paypal, ang konti pa kasi wala pang $100 eh, haha!

The Leaves of Tarkong said...

wow! so youre really earning from blogging, eh? kakainggit. i had only known abt it later on na, naghahabol pa ko sa kulang na post. hehehe. :)

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