Sunday, October 26, 2008

New skinny

So, what can you say about my new template? Is it cute or what? LOL

I was browsing earlier for new templates as my old one looked so plain. Luckily, I stumbled upon this one and it's just too cute, at least for me.

I've yet to update my blog roll and too bad I forgot to save the links before I changed my template :( I was hoping it would still be on my message board but then, it only saved the first page. I hope you get back to me and give me your links again so that I can add it.


OOOPSS...I checked again and guess what, the other messages are still available! LOL No need to give me the links again, my bad :D


Abi said...

Nice skin lola! It's not an eye sore. Keep blogging! hehe, been lazy lately.

Amor said...

I like the color and the header! :)

Ngayon lang ako nakadalaw ulit, ako naman nagkasakit. :(

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