Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's Confirmed!

Well, I have known about this since last August but I was finally able to confirm my 2nd pregnancy yesterday when I underwent a TVS to have my baby checked :)

I'm now on my 10th week and EDD is April 9, 2009. Wow, it seems a long way to go but I know from experience that time can fly really fast. I just hope that I'll have a safe and healthy pregnancy and that I'll be able to carry my baby full-term. I gave birth to Jeremy when I was only on my 33rdwk of pregnancy and I was so thankful because he was healthy and stayed at the incubator for 4 days only.

Right now, I have the usual cravings but there's nothing in particular. But if I can eat KFC's hot and crispy chicken everyday, that would be really great LOL!

I just feel uncomfortable sometimes because I have nausea. I don't really vomit but sometimes there's this urge to do it and okay, I'll stop now lest I gross you out more :D

This morning sickness thing is new to me as I didn't experience this one on my first time so I'm still adjusting. I'm just wishing that I get over the first trimester so that this goes away too. Hopefully.

Anyways, I'm excited and I hope we have a baby girl this time but my hubby wants another boy. Of course, we'd be happy no matter what as long as s/he is healthy :)

Happy weekend everyone!

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