Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shopping for the right credit card

Before getting a credit card, it’s best to shop around for the one that offers the best deal. I visited cash back credit cards and learned a great deal about the different features that a lot of credit card companies offer. It’s a wealth of information as I get to know more about the credit cards that are available. It’s good to know which one suit me best so that when I finally decide to get one, I already know which one will work for me.

I am gearing towards the credit card that offers Balance Transfers so that in the future I can consolidate my balances in a card that offers the best balance transfer rate. This will surely come in handy when the need arises.


lel said...

hi, hsbc's offer for balance transfer is usually good, like .88% or sometimes 1%.

but im loyal with citibank, mas marami madalas offers especially installment. had my card for about 8 years going 9.

BPI is ok din sana, kaso madalas mababa magbigay ng credit limit.

Louise said...

Personally I went for a Natwest Classic Credit Card as the benefits best suited my needs. I agree that it is best that people shop around first and the best way to do this is over the Internet.

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