Friday, March 20, 2009

Mommy Moments: Siblings/Cousin Bonding

mommy moments

When I saw my children together for the first time, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness. My 2 y/o old son looked lovingly at his younger sister but this is short-lived as I noticed him itching to tug at her leg LOL! Whenever they're together we're always alert because my son loves to hold hands and his baby sister is too delicate to be held yet.

It's difficult to take a pic of them together as my son squirms most of the time so this is the best that we got. I bet it would be too cute once they start playing together and I'll make sure to catch snapshots when that time comes.


Their cousins live next door but I've yet to take a pic of them together as we just moved here 2 weeks ago. Maybe I can add it some other time :)

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SASSY MOM said...

Ain't that cute! I felt the same when my youngest was born, ate was really being an "ate" taking care of his little brother. Until now she does the same, very protective of his brother.

Hazel said...

i love that smile on big brother's face. they're both adorable :)

Chris said...

precious pic you got here... :) im sure you will have more pics later on when they are both bigger!

pehpot said...

aw! super proud kuya! I have those
proud moments too..

haaay.. nakakakilig di ba?

Make or Break

Carrie said...

So cute! I'm sure you are busy with just moving and having a new little baby! They will be best friends in no time! How nice to be so close to cousins! Wonderful memories will be made with all of them! Thanks for sharing!

Lanie, said...

that is so cute photo..sarap halikan ng baby. Here's my post for this week theme.

Lynn said...

Methinks your son is going to be a very protective brother.


Jona said...

oohh! sweet. i wasn't able to take a pic of my two kids like this but i hope i really did.
great job!

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