Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy Rona

Our new baby is not difficult to take care of because she just basically sleeps most of the time, cries when she's hungry or if her nappies are dirty. But still, I am so busy the whole day that I barely have time to do other things.

My one-week leave from work is now over and I have resumed working since last Sunday. Good thing I work from home so this is not difficult for me. Hubby's paternity leave is also over so he went to work last night. And just today, I experienced taking calls while feeding baby Jamie! Whoa! That was some serious multi-tasking as I had to navigate the customer's account, speaking at the same time and simultaneously holding baby's bottle. And then during my break, I had to go down and check on Jeremy with what he's doing. We do have a nanny but sadly, she can't be entrusted to hold my newborn.

So that's what's been keeping me busy. I know I have a lot of pending tags and awards to grab :) I'll get on to them for sure. I just need to manage my time more :)

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