Thursday, March 19, 2009

Go shawty...

It's my birthday
I'm gonna party like it's my birthday :D

Yep, today's my birthday and I turn the big 3-0.

Hmmm...I don't feel like my age yet and anyway, what am I supposed to feel? LOL! Age is just a number :)

Hubby just cooked spaghetti and will buy ice cream later. That's enough for me. Just being with my family and with everybody healthy, those are the best gifts I could ever receive. Of course, my other gift came exactly one week ago when I gave birth to my daughter, Jamie :)

To those who I share the same birthday, Happy Birthday to you too!

p.s. Today is also the feast of St. Joseph :)


Lorela U. said...

Ronaaaaa! happy beerday, girl! harharhar :)

i added u up again in my links. thanks for coming over. im missing some of those links, actually.

chamie said...


btw..i'm now blogging at

Amor said...

Naku na-late ako ng dating. Happy Birthday Rona, belated. At nanganak ka na rin pala, congrats! hay, hirap ng di nakaka pag online lagi, di updated! :D

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