Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Preggy News

We just arrived home from my check-up and when my OB said I'll be having an IE (Internal Exam) on my next visit, it just dawned on me that yes, I'll be popping in a few weeks' time! OMG! I didn't think it would be that soon. Here comes the butterflies again but mostly, I am excited because I'd finally see my sweet daughter :)

I'll be on my 35th week this Friday and I can give birth as early as my 38th week. The hubby even said it would be nice if I give birth on my birthday too so that we can just have one celebration :D That would be really nice but of course, it will still depend on baby when she's ready to make her entrance into the world.

I'm just on "relax mode" as it gets difficult to move around and also, I've been trying to eat healthy and not too much so that I don't gain much weight going into the last few weeks. I'm aiming for another normal delivery so wish me luck :)


Genejosh said...

i'll be praying for your safe delivery...congratulations!

Amor said...

malapit ka na palang manganak Rona. Congrats sa pagdating ng baby girl mo, sana kami rin in the near future hehe.

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