Friday, February 27, 2009

Mommy Moments: Bonding Time

mommy moments

I am a stay-at-home mom and good thing I found a great job that allows me to work at home. However, even if this is the case, I also work full time so while I'm on shift, my son is with his nanny and then I just go down to check on him often.

When it's my day off, we like to go out, just hang out in the mall, do our grocery or just have a quick lunch. It's nice for Jeremy to see other people too LOL! Sometimes we let him play at the Kid's Village so that he can mingle with the other kids.

The pictures below were taken during our visit to the Manila Ocean Park last December. It was our first time there and we all enjoyed the trip. Jeremy looked amazed with all the fishes he saw even those above him. When we were done touring the place, he found a mini-playground and true enough, he enjoyed it more :)

mom and pinchy


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Genejosh said...

Nice way of bonding...if my son grows up and walk, i love to take him too to an Ocean Park...we have here in Songkhla and they said it's quite big and all fish looks amazing.

sweetytots said...

we also love it when we went to ocean park.. you have to check Ocean adventure too, you see the sea lions up close..
Please visit my entry here

SASSY MOM said...

That's quite a bonding time... have a great weekend.

Lynn said...

Ocean Park is a great place for kids. Fun and educational. :)


Jes said...

wow ocean park!! My daughter been there and she didn't apreaciate it yet....=) nice bonding time hop you culd visit mne =)

Chris said...

nice place to bring your kids for bonding :)

by the way, i have added you to the list also.

thanks for being part of mommy moments again!

Jona said...

i bet he'll be running around when he learns to walk and you'll be running after him hehehe:D

haven't been to Ocean Park but i'm sure my sons will love it too when we go there :)

a boy's mom said...

hi rona, hopped here fr mommy moments...cute boy you have..have a great day :)

RoNa said...

Thanks, mommies for dropping by :)

Jeremy enjoyed looking at all the fish but he got bored LOL so when he saw a mini-playground he went straight there and played :)

Jes said...

yeah bonding time!!! tama ka bonding with hubby and kids ay sadyang walang kapantay ehhehe =)

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