Saturday, January 31, 2009

My first attempt at baking an egg pie

I have been itching to bake again and wanted to try other goodies aside from the usual cookies, brownies I have baked. I searched online and stumbled upon an egg pie recipe which I found quite straightforward to do.

So, when we hit the grocery, I bought all the supplies I needed to make one and set off to bake my first egg pie.

Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what went wrong but my pie was hard LOL! Well, it's delicious but I wasn't satisfied with the presentation so I couldn't bear to take a picture hahaha! Jeremy, his yaya and I ate it and I think there's just one slice left in the fridge. It was still yummy but I would've considered it successful if it looked exactly like the ones sold in the bakeshops.

I guess I can't really have it all on my first try. I think I will have to let the syrup cool first before mixing it with the egg-milk mixture so that the egg won't prematurely cook. The crust tasted fine though but a bit thinner than I wanted it to be.

Maybe I'll try again next time but my hubby is insisting I bake our own pizza crust instead of buying one from the grocery. That one will take a lot of courage and time, of course. I promised him that I'll give it a try on my rest day so that I'll have a lot of time on my hands :D

Happy weekend!

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