Friday, January 16, 2009

Yummy loot

bery's chocolates cinnabon

The first picture above is the chocolate gift pack I won from Yummy magazine for their October promo. There were a lot of chocolates! Woot!

The second one is part of what we redeemed with the 1K worth of gift certificates from Cinnabon which I won back in November. Can you believe it, 2 months in a row?! That was pretty cool! We already consumed the hot and cold drinks and I couldn't believe prices have increased. Well, it's been more than 2 years since I last bought from them so I guess it was inevitable.

It was also nice to finally see the office of Summit Media and definitely I'd be joining their contests again in the future :)

Happy Friday!


chamie said...

uy wow! sarap naman nyan! :D too bad di mo ko naabutan sa summit di sana nakita kita ulet :D ganda ng opis namin no hihi

RoNa said...

hi lola! onga sayang too late na pagkapanalo ko hehehe di ka na work dun. ganda nga ng office tsaka parang ang babata rin ng employees. di pa ba ayos blog mo? brb pa rin nakalagay eh. tc!

Elizabeth said...

I love joining contests too! Online or not. And I love magazines too! Do visit my blog to read some posts about it. Congrats on winning two months in a row!

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