Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thoughts on a Saturday Night

Movie night with the family. Hubby and I are both on leave from work so we'll make the most out of it. Just one movie though and it's a wrap for the kids :)

As for me, I have some planning to do because it's:

- Jamie's 2nd bday on March 12
- my Mom's on the 14
- mine on the 19th.

As we are on a tight budget because of our impending transfer to our new house, most probably we'll just have a simple celebration at home. What's important is the whole family will be together and of course, we can give thanks for another year added in to our lives :)

Like the past years, I become sentimental everytime my birthday draws near. I look back and reminisce what I have become through the years. Sometimes, I get disappointed with myself for not reaching the goals I have set. But I am learning to accept that things don't always go as planned and I can't get everything that I want. This realization makes me look forward to living my life and just be thankful that I am alive. Now that I have my own family, they are my inspiration and source of strength. Truly, life is beautiful to waste it with regrets. We live only once. Let's make the most out of it :)

Jesus, thank You for the gift of life.
I will sleep tonight and cast all my
fears and worries away. I read once,
"I am too blessed to be stressed."
So true :)

Good night!

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