Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Firsts

I woke up early today even if I slept late. I guess I was just excited with our activities for the day. Hubby and I left for Lung Center's Sunday Market around 10am. We just wanted to eat lunch and buy langosteen and lemon again. We were surprised though when the market space was vacant. No cars were parked and just nothing. Hmmm...I thought they didn't transfer but anyway, we just went straight to Eton Centris as we heard there's also a Sunday market there.

It was our first time there and I'd say the place looks okay, there were a lot of stuff available but since it was already late, there weren't many choices anymore for langosteen. The prices are also higher compared to the one in Lung Center maybe because they pay more for the stall. We just ate lunch and bought some stuff then we headed to our next destination.

For the past few days, I have read a lot about Padre Pio. I've heard about him in the past but only recently did I get the chance to know him better through Girltalk. Since then, I wanted to grab the opportunity to visit St. Pio Chapel in Libis. The mass has started when we got there and it was packed so we stayed outside to finish the mass. After that, I went inside the chapel to stand in line for the anointing of holy oil. I then proceeded to Padre Pio's life-size statue but it turned out there was a very looong queue of devotees waiting for their chance too. I wrote my personal petition first and then patiently waited for my turn. Looking around the chapel, there were different types of people from all ages. That's how well-loved Padre Pio is. He was known to heal the sick and perform miracles before and after his death. When it was finally my turn, I felt a sense of relief when I touched his hand. It was like he took my worries and fears away. I silently prayed and stood there, holding his hand and everything felt fine.

Today, I have reaffirmed my faith in God. I am also thankful to have met Padre Pio and I know, through his intercession, nothing is impossible :) I will patiently wait for God's time and just relax. To quote him, "Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry." Amen.

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