Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle!

Remember last Wednesday I said my hubby and I are going to S&R's 1st day of their year-end sale? We did and it was past 1pm when we got there. Bad move. There were no more push carts available. The queue to the cashiers already snaked (like a giant snake) around the warehouse. There wasn't even enough room to maneuver around the displays as it was so crowded. I think the problem is they don't have enough cashiers. I mean, they do this twice a year and they should have prepared, right? Right. Even the line to buy food (I was craving for their roasted chicken) was uber long and there were kids everywhere who I'm sure were wishing they were just at home playing LOL!

Hubby and I just checked out the deals and found out that we don't need most of them anyway. And for me, it was just not worth it so we went home. We planned to return on the last day of the sale which is this Sunday. Our gameplan is to be there right before store opens at 8am and as quickly as we can, get the things we need and he'll already queue in the cashier while I scour for other stuff to buy. This doesn't guarantee that we'll be done shopping in a breeze but at least it's better than standing in line for 4 hours or more.

After what we have experienced though, we have decided against returning to S&R on Sunday. I'm sure there will be throngs of people who like us, want to go back on the last day of the sale. Maybe we can go there on a Monday and check out the items. Some might still be on sale, you know LOL! I noticed the prices of the items we like doesn't differ much so we can go back anytime. I just want to buy some of those party cups and plates in red or maybe a pack of Libby's sausages. Til next year's sale, S&R! I hope we can find the strength to brave you next time :-D

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