Wednesday, September 15, 2010

S & R Sale - Sept. 15 to 19

I am so excited today. Hubby and I applied for a membership at S&R and we decided to do it because it's their year-end(?) sale from Sept. 15 to 19. We're definitely going today which is the first day and we'll brave the crowd of shoppers who want to get good deals.

We tried their NY pizza combo and it was delish! For only 99php, we had it sliced in two and we shared the bottomless soda for 39php. The pizza had a lot of toppings and I can say it's better than the other pizza I've tried. Jeremy had ice cream for himself and for the first time, he wasn't able to finish it LOL! Well, I think it only had about 3 spoonfuls when he gave up hehehe! I want to try their rotisserie chicken later. I read good reviews about it and can't wait to try it for myself.

So, my shift is done in about 23mins. I'll eat a quick breakfast and will sleep in a few. Hubby will fetch me around 12nn so better get ready for the jungle later :D

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