Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another day

Just a few days to go and it'll be October. Days just seem to breeze by and I don't even notice it. I guess that's what happens when I love what I'm doing at work and I don't have to force myself to doing my job :)

By the way, I just wanted to add that hubby and I still went to S&R during their 3-day sale and we went on a Saturday. After lunch. Surprisingly, there weren't a lot of people. The queue was manageable. We got to buy the things that we need but I had to restrain myself from grabbing everything I liked because we were on a tight budget. I also chose the things that were on sale so that we could save too. Otherwise, if I'll just buy the things in their regular prices, that defeats the purpose of going there on sale, right? LOL!

I plan to save up and prepare for the next year March sale. I'll come better prepared financially and with a game plan to boot :D

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is almost upon us :)

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