Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Moments: Haircut

mommy moments

Jeremy had his first haircut when he turned 1 year old. It has always been a challenge to have his hair cut because he cries very hard, doesn't sit still because his eyes and hands follow the barber's razor LOL!

As you can see in the picture (August 2008), he's still all smiles because he thought he'll just be playing with the toy car

DSC02129 DSC02133

He's still smiling here when the cape was put on and he was given a lollipop. But that's about it because he started wailing when the guy started to cut his hair. I didn't take a picture anymore as I was restraining him from getting up fom his chair and well, I just wanted to pacify him.

Here's what he looked like after his haircut. We were thinking of just a trim for him so that he gets a new hairstyle but the barber found it difficult to style his hair so there.

DSC02134 DSC02137

Afterwards, we treated him to his favorite spaghetti, this time at McDonald's, to make him feel better :)

Lately, it's easier to have his hair cut but whenever he hears other children crying, he follows suit LOL! Maybe next time, there won't be tears anymore.

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Hazel said...

That's funny - the follows suit bit, but he'll all cuteness in the pics :-) Happy MM.

Lynn said...

Do I see Michael Scofield of Prison Break? That's really neat. :)


Meikah said...

It really helps that barbers for kids now have these toycars as seats. :) You got a cutie there!

Chris said...

he is cute! :D his haircut suits him! :D

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